Hello, and welcome to my website. I’m Tilden Curl, and I am the professional owner-operator of Tecco Trucking, Inc. I travel along the Interstate 5 corridor from Washington through Southern California. I write for truckers that want to build stronger businesses, increase awareness of the trucking industry, and take a proactive position.

My experience is extensive in the trucking industry. I have been driving for about 20 years and operating independently for around the last 14. You’ll see me in a 2009 Kenworth T 660 pulling a 2003 stepdeck trailer. My wife Lesli and I run the business together, and I am thankful for her support and encouragement as my activity has brought me opportunities to speak to congress and house representatives. You can find more information under the media tab.

My wife, Lesli, and I in the truck

My beautiful wife, Lesli, and myself

You’ll find I’ve got a lot of information and ideas that better the trucking world. Check it out, and tell me what you think!

Welcome, and please explore what information I have to offer!